Small (but significant) changes in Wellington based web apps

Goodnight Australian ZoomIn Map API’s
Seems the Australia mapping info isn't quite as easy (cheap?) to come by for the non-mega players, ie ZoomIn over at ProjectX with their closure of the Australian API. Not sure how this changes their plans of world domination (who doesn't have those) and I only hope that their excellent New Zealand based service continues unabated.

Mind you, I flick between using ZoomIn (local heroes) and Google Maps (covering it all) ... tough market to be in eh?

12 July - Google ads trial
TradeMe changes in a small but quite significant way with their Google Ads trial. Interesting to see Sam Morgan on TV last night talking about he'd walk if the company moved too far away from the original vision ... I should think is a small step away from "serving the users" and towards "let's make much more money for the owners".

Check out Sam Morgans preso at the CEO Summit (my posting) as well, especially where he mentions putting ads "on the right because no-one looks there anyway ...". Speaks volumes about what he thinks about ads on TradeMe ... which I tend to agree with and wholeheartedly support his view which is akin to Craiglist founder Craig Newmark ... all terribly hippy of us all.


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