TWTxxxTW - a new approach and links from June 18th to July 8th, 2007

TWTWTW: That Was The Week That WasAs is plainly obvious by the lack of TWTWTW postings I have had to come up with a far easier, less time consuming and quicker to use method of letting you all know the finest and dandiest stuff I post/fall across each week.

And this is it.

I'm gonna re-edit anything that's actually on the my blog adding my TWTWTW picture (as per this post), label them 'twtwtw' and re-date them . This saves me re-typing and saves you following links around the blog!

Anything that that I haven't blogged I will put into separate posts. These will most likely include Shared Items which are the RSS feeds I share using my Google Reader. If you want to read the Mike Made Newspaper then subscribe to my RSS feed

Also the links are likely to need a post to guide your attention - or, simply subscribe.

And finally it may include the photo I choose as my wallpaper for the week and maybe even the video but that's probably gonna be blogged.

I will also be limiting myself to one of each type ... if I can. We're all busy people, right?

And so, as a catch-up here's from 18th June until today ...

Shared RSS item of the week
One key to happiness is finding more time to read - from the ever consistent The Happiness Blog [subscribe] link of the week
Google Groups
An oldie but a goodie - forgotten just how useful online groups are AND, how much Google has expanded it to start encroaching on the likes of MSN and Facebook.

PC wallpaper for the week
Flickr: Dolfallt uchaf
This photo comes with a quite sad story - read it at the original Flickr page

* TWTWTW = That Was The Week That Was. Named after a 1960's British satirical TV programme [BBC | Wikipedia]


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