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Links on this blog - preview the page before clicking

Snap previewIf you hover over any* of the links on this blog you will now see a preview of the web page you would end up on if you clicked. Preview the destination and letting you decide whether it's worth clicking.

Here's an example: hovering the mouse over the 'add to' link at the bottom one of my posts - click for bigger picture
Snap Preview: example screenshot

The technology being used is supplied by Snap Preview Anywhere, is free and easy to install on any website.

Personally I like it and find it very useful** but not everyone likes this technology and so I am keen to find out whether it's actually useful. Give it a whirl people (hover your mouse over any link in this posting but don't click) and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

I suspect it's not something that'll not work the RSS feed, may slow down load time (experiences anyone) and might get in the way of content as your reading - you tell me with a comment!

* Not every link is Snap Previewed - leaving a comment, the Flickr photo widget and some other links just don't need it.
** [Updated] What Snap Preview Anywhere Can Do For You (And Why It Does NOT Suck) - from the official Snap blog