[Updated 5-Feb-2007] Two things - one, I don't really like the way this blog is encouraging personal attacks on others which I don't believe is a solution based approach and much more a blame-and-vent approach -but in the spirit of, "I hate what you say but I will defend your right to say it" I'll leave the link up.

Secondly, whilst it seems Google is listening to the NZ Government it will be interesting to see their response to the "Why?". I would imagine that, like most contracts, it's flexible enough for Google to look after their interests by not seeming to be 'evil' - or is it?

Aha, on reviewing the blog it's obvious that they have spelled out the relevant parts of the Blogger Terms of Service (ToS) and specifically the Blogger Content Policy ... however I can actually only find this that Google might be referring to (Content Policy):
Users may not post other people's personally identifying or confidential information, including but not limited to credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and driver's and other license numbers. You may not post information such as other people's passwords, usernames, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses unless already publicly accessible on the Web.
We watch that space ...
Mind you, why the blog owners are questioning under which law, NZ or US, they come under is irrelevant seeing as they signed up to the ToS!?!

--- Original posting dated 23rd January, 2007 ---
I have no idea what, who or why it exists but a friend of mine just asked (as a "guru blogger") what the site address might be as it's just been on One News.

I guessed and here it is:

It might not be there by the time you check it!

Here's the news media reporting: One News | Stuff | Google News NZ


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