Giant penis as seen from space

As I always tell people, when you're out for a walk or just pottering around in the garden, look up and wave as it might be right at that moment that the satellite taking pictures is flying over head!

Timing is everything and certainly was for this school prank - story from Boing Boing:
Some years ago, teenage schoolboys at Bellemoor school, Southampton, UK played an end-of-term prank on their teachers. Specifically, they burned a 20ft-long cock into the school's grass lawn using weedkiller.

The teachers had it reseeded, and the incident passed into memory. However, in the interval between the grass dying and the restoration work...

Enter an aerial survey! More importantly, an aerial survey that would later sell its imagery to Microsoft's Virtual Earth Google Maps clone.

Hence, the giant cock was preserved for ever in the soft threads of the Net. It can be viewed at this URL.

Hat-tip Boing Boing


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