JonnyB hits' the mark one more time - is this you coming home pissed?

I'm not sure how to get over just how wonderful this posting is ... um, read it!

It starts off:
“Hello, I’m back from the Village Pub,” I whisper.

“Will you at least whisper?” she hisses furiously.


“Did you have a good time? Did your friends enjoy it?”

“Yes, although there weren’t ma...”

“Good. Now go to bed.”

“Oh. Ok.”

I leave the Baby’s room, where the LTLP has set up a temporary hospital camp. But a thought occurs to me.

“Do you need a hand with the Baby?”

“I can manage perfectly all right, thank you. Now go to bed.”


I remember something important.

And on he goes describing something that we've all, in one form or another, been through.


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