What Is Happening With Molly Malone's?

As James Shaw asked recently, "What is happening with Molly Malone's?", will we ever get to dance to the tune of Guinness again?

And breathe out ...

Not sure about that week ... but I certainly will tell ya about it once I get my head around it.

Initial ideas:
  • life is better when it's real
  • connections with people that you can call/touch are more important and real than those that you can't
  • the 'realness' is bigger and more important than I can describe
  • most of the stuff I read/comment upon (this blog) isn't worth the electrons used
  • 99.9% of people don't know or care about technology and never will
  • I missed blogging/emailing now and again but never ever in a "life or death" manner
  • I can count the number of blogs I have enjoyed catching up on on the fingers of one hand and would love them to be printed in a mag and posted in the mail
In a nutshell - I waste too much time online ...