And breathe out ...

Not sure about that week ... but I certainly will tell ya about it once I get my head around it.

Initial ideas:
  • life is better when it's real
  • connections with people that you can call/touch are more important and real than those that you can't
  • the 'realness' is bigger and more important than I can describe
  • most of the stuff I read/comment upon (this blog) isn't worth the electrons used
  • 99.9% of people don't know or care about technology and never will
  • I missed blogging/emailing now and again but never ever in a "life or death" manner
  • I can count the number of blogs I have enjoyed catching up on on the fingers of one hand and would love them to be printed in a mag and posted in the mail
In a nutshell - I waste too much time online ...


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