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Update on the awesome Julian Beever and his 3D street art

[Updated 19-Feb-2007] Received a link to this YouTube vid:
My agency recently worked asked Julian to create the “Fountain of Youth” in Union Square in NYC a few weeks ago. We recorded a video of how he works and posted it on YouTube. You can check it out here:

If you've not seen Julian Beever's pavement art the you're in for a pleasant surprise with loads of, "Wow! How does he do it!?" type phrases to be spoken.

Since I last visited he's added a few - my favourite is [full size]:
Julian Beever: Waste of water ...
That hose, water and drain isn't real ... he isn't really holding anything!

But I urge you to visit and wonder at the rest - even better, commission him and keep him employed doing this for as long as you can afford!

[Updated 9-Feb-2007] Check out these links filched from James Brunskill over at James' Ramblings blog:
For those who still want to know more, Eric Shackle has an interesting article, relating to Julian's recent pavement drawing in New York's Union Square.

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