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When I had MyBlogLog listed to the left* one of the more interesting visitors was Montegue Blister from the Strange Games blog

If nothing else I had to visit because of the name.

And at the site there are posting ("articles", "blogs") about strange parlour games you can play ... fascinating stuff and bound to be useful in the future. Example:
In January it was reported that there is a trend towards increasingly lavish children's parties - we are talking stretch limos, hiring of pop musical beat combos, nintendo DSs in the party bags and more, all to make it an unforgettable experience. The sad fact is that all you need to spend is a few pounds on some rolls of gaffer/masking tape - then you can play Human Fly.
Split the players into groups of 4 or 5. Give each group a high stool and some wall space. The teams select one of their number (usually the lightest) to sit on the stool with his back against the wall. They then proceed to tape him as firmly as possible to the wall using the gaffer tape supplied. The tape must be placed over this player's middle and outstretched arms - not over any bare skin areas. After a set time taping is stopped and the highlight of the game occurs- the stools are removed leaving the players fixed to the wall. Last player to peel off is the winner.

I am indebted to Yehuda (Strange Games Holy Land Correspondent) for bringing this game to my attention.

* which I no longer do as I realised it was all about me, the author, and not you, the reader. I think, maybe it did engender a sense of community (as it's meant to) but I really found it a bit of a paim. Maybe when everyone can be listed then it'll work otherwise it's a list of those that use something techie that stumble across my blog ... or maybe I'll bung it on the bottom and it can sit there for me and everyone else will never see it as we never scroll passed the fold eh!


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