Pies I've enjoyed and where you can buy them

Dinky-Di Pies - Sydney
A while ago since I was introduced to them by Lynda but I suspect they're as good as ever (check out the comments here). All I can say is try them!
525 Old South Head Rd Rose Bay NSW 2029 - tel: 02-9371 6715

Harry's Pie Cart - Sydney
The original pie for pissed people. But don't think the pies are of a "pissed people" standard, they're not ... probably ... to be fair I always ended up there with a skinful and whilst they were of an exceeding high standard they could've been made with kangaroo and rubber - I don't think they were. The experience is a must!
Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW 2011 - tel: 02-9357 3074

"The Pie Shoppe"* - Reading
You know what, I have no idea where in Reading this is or what the real name is*. I had met a gal, I was visiting for the first time and she took me along to this amazing pie shop(pe). It was the first time I exclaimed, "Holly fandangle, this is an amazing pie!!!" which was very different from the previous, "Ick, that's just jelly around some nasty meat"

* I suspect with a confidence level of around 98%+ that it's Sweeney & Todd, and on that basis here's the details
10 Castle St, Reading, RG1 7RD - tel: 0118-958 6466

Trisha's Pies - Wellington
There is no other pie for those that live in Wellington. I love 'em all and am so happy to see them appearing in more and more cafe's around town - especially the small, locally owned cafe's hidden between office buildings and up side alleys.
Whilst the original shop (Patrisha's Original Pies 1987) is at 298 The Parade, Island Bay (tel: 04-383 7947) the most convenient shop for the city centre is 32 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington - tel: 04-801 5506

More pies!
Kiwi's love pies, in fact I have it on good authority that whilst Mobil petrol stations ("garages") have fluctuating sales of ice-cream, crisps and soft drinks (weather related usually) the sales of pies is constant no matter what!

And so - pies, pies and more pies:
Don't hesitate to tell the world by leaving a comment, let them eat your favourite pie!


  1. yss she has the bestest pies, she happend to be my grandmother

    if anyone buy's a pie, say hello from peter from belguim,

    her grandson,


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