Weekly poll: Best ambiance for a 1970's party ... you decide

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It's a 1970's party, you've been invited and you're ready to party until it's 1979 - what would you expect as you stumble in wearing your suitably tight 70's costume?

TV of the time, ie The Good Life
it's a sophisticated 70's dinner party with Margot. Or it's crazy Sweeney type antics. Maybe Steve Austin can run verrrrry slowly/quickly into the party!

Glam Punk meets the Disco Ball
Music all the way - loads of sparkles, lots of music and more "uniforms" than you could shake a rhythm stick at.

Fashion! turn to the right. Oooh, fashion!
Go for the sights and not the sounds

School's out for Summer!
I was 10, I was at school ... I'd expect to see school day items and girls in pigtails! If I was really going for it St Trinians would be high on the fantasy list.

Take the best of each - known as "other"
"What are you thinking, you've completely missed the 70's vibe!" - think of this as the 'design your own pizza', what ingredients would you have for a 70's party?

Last weeks poll result: This weather is ...
Poll result: This weather is ...


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