Yahoo! Pipes - technical bloggers go wild

It's cool, probably, it's gonna change how you get info, possibly, and it's giving all techie bloggers a chubby, definitely.

Oh, and it's constantly down due to demand - or as they put it, their pipes are blocked.

What is it - this stolen from Richard at Read/Write Web:
- Is that a pipe in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?; as expected, geeks (myself included) are drooling over Yahoo Pipes, the new RSS Remix service. Indeed the demand has caused some outages. I particularly recommend the following coverage: O'Reilly Radar (although "milestone in the history of the internet" is possibly overstating it), Dave Winer ("Pipes users are likely to be fairly technical scripting-level users"), Anil Dash ("Yahoo has stepped up to provide an essential platform in a way that seems open and approachable"), Nik Cubrilovic ("The fact that they include Google Base as a default source in Pipes shows that the web is much more about interoperability than the desktop ever was or ever will be") and Jeremy Zawodny, who has more Pipes links than you can shake a pipe at.
It might even be a wee bit more than just "the new RSS Remix service" but I can't get on to see it as it's blocked.

Is it as cool as an iPhone, probably not, will it change the world, definitely not, will it give us info-cravers a tool to really play with, probably ...


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