Nope, not another rant about the fundy-religious lot that seem to thrive in the southern parts of Aotearoa .. . why is that, is it the weather, the wide open spaces, the mountains, the fact that there is actually a fundy-religious gene and it came across on one of the first waka/ships? Ach, who knows and who really cares - I treat them like a live piece of street art, to be discussed, viewed from all angles and even admired for their dogedness but I most certainly don't want one at home.

Jeeyaasus! That has been the phrase that shoots out of the lips of a certain wee fella that gives me hugs at night and tells me he loves me.

Whenever he trips over something but doesn't hurt himself to cry and there aren't strangers around to feel embarrassed:

A clash of crockery on the floor, an unexpected slam of a door, a stack of cushions/pillows falling on him:

And man, I have to tell you that even after about 4-5 months of having this around I still giggle inside. In fact, if I'm in the right mood I chuckle inside. But I am a good parent and don't react - it's just a word he's heard and he has no idea that it has other meaning apart from, "Oh! That was a shock!" or, "Crickey, what was that!"

A word he heard from ... his mother! Yep, I am free of blame (ish) in this matter and it all down to his mothers use that we have a blasphemer in the house.

Ok, the "ish" does lend itself to an explanation. On the few times I drive (relevancy will be revealed) I do stick the right foot quite smartly onto the go-go peddle. Twice I did this coming out of the drive and the first time Liz let out a, "Jesus Mike! Go a bit slower will ya!" The second time (the very next day if I recall) the same foot slammed down onto the same peddle and Liz was ready with, "J--" but she was beaten by Jack with a loud and hearty:

Driving and laughing whilst trying to not laugh but it's forcing itself out the sides is not to be recommended!

So - totally his mothers fault ... ish.

And do you know the funniest thing. We have fundy-religious tendencies within the whanau down here and I loooove it when that plate drops or that door slams when all the relevant personnel are gathered in one place. I have to leave the room as the giggle just won't stay inside.


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