The funiest Australian movie ever

Forget The Castle or ... or ... anything else. Pop along to your local video store and pick up a copy of Hercules Returns (1993), it's awesome.

The closest that I can come up with for "feel" is Goodbye Pork Pie (Wikipedia here)... which is only really useful for those from NZ. It's a film that most Aussies of a certain age have seen at least once in their life and now has a special place in the movie lexicon of that country.

I rented Hercules Returns when I was living in Sydney on constant recommendations from a few Aussie mates and loved it then. It's full of Carry On type jokes, clever timing and made me giggle from start to finish. It's even funnier with a puff and/or bottle of wine.

Here's a good synposis of the film:
The movie Hercules Returns is an adaptation of a stage show performed by a duo called Double Take consisting of Des Mangan and Sally Patience. Double Take use old movies and re-dub the voices themselves. The movie centres around Brad who opens a small theatre and decides to run it the old fashion way. On opening night, it is discovered that the movie to be shown has been switched with the original version - in Italian and with no sub-titles. Brad decides that he, his publicist Lisa and projectionist Sprocket must dub the voices themselves.
By the way, the same site is an excellent (and probably only) source of info about the film.

Ever since my return I have used it as my "just how good is this place" for video stores ... and, of course, Alice didn't let me down, neither will Aro Video.

So, book a Friday evening, settle in with a few mates that enjoy some silliness, eat the pizza and open the wine before pressing Play.


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