Looking like the UK visit might be on

Welsh jobsDefinitely not definitely but after a check of the prices the option of going to Rob & Lindas' wedding and then back out before Jack pops himself into school (in Wellington) is not an option - around $4,500 for the lot to UK.

Crickey, what does that mean ... well, it means we're definitely not definite but it's moved a millimeter closer. I think next is to see what the old job situation up in the UK is like. We'd be looking for a well paid Knowledge Management job (doesn't have to be that exact title) in or around Monmouth. Have to say that would be a big call but you never know - anyone out there got any contacts, or even better a job?

If not Monmouth (where the whanau live) then working out from there to the bigger cities - Newport, Gloucester, Hereford, Cheltenham ... maybe even out to Bristol.

Of course, there's a highly paid job based in Cardiff working for some sports outfit that I could apply for.

We're still in investigation/research mode but, well, it's notched up a ... notch as we cost out our options and start to think ("think" - not act, don't anyone at work get the idea this is a given, merely reviewing life's options), think about the following:
  • Where to life (job might have something to say on that)
  • How long to go for - 6 months, a year, what?
  • Where to come back to ion NZ ... well, Wellington has to be the only options really, or is it?
  • If we're traveling, do we want to go anywhere else in between here and there?
It's quite exciting but we have to keep in mind that we're still only looking at the options and gathering information.


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