AHead in Hair

Beck's Curl Up 'n' DyeWarning the following rant-ette is by no means original and many "everyday" comedians have probably covered it with far greater grace than I (Seinfeld comes to mind). However I must get it out of my system.

"AHead in Hair" is the name of a hairdressers in Christchurch - couldn't tell you exactly where but I pass it on the way home. Everytime I do pass it feel a pain and sigh out loud (but quietly), "Whyyyyyy?"

Is it part of the hairdressing course that to be fully qualified you must not only be able to express 'absolute delight' in seeing returning customers or lie as you announce, "You'll grow into it, trust me" but also to come up with the worse shop names using the most convoluted puns ever.

I mean. "AHead in Hair" is quite clever. And as a solitary exponent of a pun it would probably rate quite high on my "that's quite cool" ... but it's not the only one! It's bloody all of them ... OK, not all of them, but a higher percentage than shoe shops, fast food joints (why are they called "joints") or banks.

Some other NZ examples:

And in the UK we have this little lot:
(source: http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/archive/index.php/t-49948.html)
And the classic, "Curl Up and Dye" seems to be everywhere.

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