Who Stole The Hill?

You wouldn't know it from this photo but the white of the cloud hides a whole Wellington hill with a very famous view. 10th Feb, 2018

Life online, but no where to actually store stuff

The hunt for somewhere to place my files (Word, PDF, Excel mostly) online is probably the major stumbling block for me completing my first attempt of living online. My pictures can (if I had the time) go up to Flickr. The videos could go up to Google Video (again, if I had the time) but where to put the rest?

If I was starting from scratch I would probably use the Writely type services to write the words but what about all that stuff I've already got. Also, there is a large barrier to moving away from Microsoft Word, recruitment agencies expect/demand that ones' CV is in that format. I have always found that to be a pain and usually start off by sending them a PDF version before receiving the, "Can you send a Word version" request. Can you imagine the confusion and not-job-hunting-for-you response if I sent them a Writely link.

But I'm not the only one wanting this - Google are looking at supplying such a service but are very cagey about it at the mo' - obviously, can you imagine how aggressive the incumbent (Microsoft) will be to such a large scale migration.

And finally, here's a wee article about The Online Storage Gang