A strange facet to the computer people here at the Council

It's sloooowly dawned on me that within the IM&CT (Computer Department to you buddy) we have an inordinate number of people with two first names? Huh? I hear you cry, and fair enough - what I mean is that there are people that have names like (but not this one), "Robert David" - both "Robert" and "David" are first names.

Of course it doesn't really matter, it works for them and so it works for me. But it's worth a blog article at the very least.
And the following list will determine if anyone comes in via CCC to this blog :-)
  • Donna Gregory
  • Fraser Graham
  • Wendy Luke
  • Matthew Kelly (I know ...)
  • Anita Clark
  • Nigel Howard
  • Rosalind Stewart
  • Ciaran Barry
  • Bryan Clarke (shoe-horning that one in, I know)
I also work with:
  • James Taylor
  • Dave Allen


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