Life online: Desktop, where I will be bringing it all together

So, my desktop, my starting page, the place I will be bringing everything together will be Netvibes. Why? Well, to be honest it's just so damned easy to use and integrates with almost every type of content I can think of as I live on-line.

I can have appropriate feeds from the other stuff I'm using, namely:
The only one I can integrate is meebo ... However this is, essentially, making Netvibes my desktop and it will be the one place I go from now on - it will be the starting place for everything else.

This leaves me now with only three things to think about:
I have, however, come across an issue of what to do with PDF's and PowerPoint presentations. I don't have that many presentation files to really worry about it but I have a gazillion PDF's and they are leaving me with a problem. I'd like to convert them to Writely (Word as the intermediate) but that's proving to be problematical. Any options?

Once I've made my initial choices I'm gonna check against the Office 2.0 Directory to see what I might be missing out on. However, I am only gonna check once as I have to go with something and damn the consequences .. ish, as long as I don't loose anything.

About Netvibes - from their own blurb is a custom made web 2.0 home page solution

This service is free and gives the user the ability :

  • to create a personalized page with the content they like.
  • to put together data feeds and services from web 2.0 with a very simple interface
  • to access your page anytime and from any computer .

It is also possible to :

  • browse, modify, and import your RSS feeds with our integrated RSS/ATOM feedreader. You can easily import an OPML file as well.
  • to import, download and listen podcasts without any additional software
  • to check your mail on one or many gmail account, to stick webnotes, weather and many more to come !

Netvibes is already available in French and English, a spanish, german and Chinese versions are on their way.

This service is still beta, and we are look toward your suggestions, ideas to keep this service better.

If you are an AJAX developer, or you develop a web 2.0 application or service that you would like to see in netvibes, contact us

Netvibes is a start up company created in 2005 based in Paris and specialized in Web 2.0 applications. We are open to all business opportunities, please contact us at :


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