Bat Out Of the past

I don't know if you watch C4 which, and there's many reason not to:
  • it's full of that hippity-hop
  • I don't live in NZ so have no idea what you're talking about
  • music, pah!
... but if you do then you might be experiencing a wave of nostalgia every now and again as you stumble across their (ie, bought in from someone else) "Classic Album" doco's. So far I've seen the Dark Side Of the Moon (Pink Floyd if you've been living on the dar...) which was fascinating. I'm not exactly a fan of 'the' Floyd being a lad that discovered in the UK around the same time a certain Mr Rotten was asking the country's youth to stick pins in themselves and flick the finger to such "prog-rock" ... so I got into Deep Purple/Rainbow instead, *ahem*.
Even so, the doco was quite cool - maybe I just needed to settle down, get a family and live in Christchurch before I could truly understand its message.

There was a U2 thing, some tree album I think but I spurned that as one would spurn a rabid dog (to quote someone clever than I).

And so, Bat Out Of Hell came along and I sat their singing along like an idiot. This is one of "my" defining pieces of music. This had me back on the playground in Monmouth (it was raining when I first heard it) and I could smell the cloackroom. I had to have this music again in my collection and for $35 I could, together with a bonus DVD which turns out to be the "videos" from a tacky release in 1991, but still, good to see the fat man delving his tongue down his poor singing partners mouth one more time during Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

BTW: C4 is the lucky home of The Family Guy ... enjoy! And Later ... With Jools Holland - double enjoy!

Oh, and here's a little English rugby whining to keep you through the long winter nights:
England’s disappointed Head Coach Andy Robinson said afterwards: “I’m very frustrated. I thought the performance of the side throughout was tremendous, but I cannot see how the touch judge can allow the first score to be given that let Ireland back into the game. I’m staggered by that, absolutely staggered.

Which reminds me - everyone that needs to know should already know that we here in Aotearoa went back one hour on Sunday morning. We're now out of Summertime! It's autumn ... well, supposedly (alegedly) it has been since March 1st but that didn't feel right. So, from now on - NZ autumn starts when the clocks go back. Tell your friends.


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