Life online: No more Microsoft Word

I've made the jump from PC wordprocessing using Microsoft Word to online using Writely (newly acquired by Google). Much like that moment we dropped Outlook as our email/calendar answer by moving to Gmail and (sort of) Yahoo! Calendar it is a feeling of freedom. I am no longer tethered to this or any other PC when working with words (documents as I used to see them).

So, I'm now using the extremely quick and easy "Upload document" to move all the files containing words (.doc, .txt, .html) up onto my online collaborative Writely 'space'. From here I can still write, edit, enhance and be creative as I could before but I can now also, publish to , collaborate (open for others to edit as well) and most importantly for my CV, save in different formats for those that just insist on reading my words in a certain format (.doc normally)

So, that's it ... [breath in ... and smiiiiile ... ]
And, expect an updated, on-line and instantly updatable (by me) CV very soon!

Oh, so what does my life online look like at the mo - this.

Plumped for solution:

Still tossing the options around:


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