Tomorrow is a particularly eventful day

Can you feel the management energyI won't be near a computer for the whole day as I, and 5 of my Information Services (part of the confusingly named IM&CT Unit) collegues, thrash out a powerful win at the ... wait for it, wait for it ... Local Government Managers Australia, "Management Challenge 2006" (Southern NZ region).

I know. I KNOW!

I can hear you muttering, with overly jealous undertones, "That's not fair! How come Mike gets all the best jobs?" Well guys, if you work hard, do your homework and set your goals at an appropriate level then one day, if you're lucky, one day you too could be off to Christchurch Convention Centre at 8am to be a part of the Local Government Austr....blah blah blah.

Now this isn't some sort of management "away day" which tries to build teams in 9 hours, oh no. This challenge is and I quote:
The LGMA Management Challenge is a sophisticated developmental program that produces outcomes that are relevant, tangible and enduring benefits for your people, your teams and your organisation.

So there - "serious" and "developmental" in the sphere of a "program" - u-huh, seeing the true value now aren't we. And it's not about the competition either, no siree Bob:
It is a competitive event, but that is just a design construct. The Challenge is designed to ensure your team members will develop new/improved skills in effective team processes, issue resolution and situational leadership.

Last year on the winners podium we had:
This year look out for "Triple C Connection" (CCC ... Christchurch City Council ... too subtle?) as we hurtle our way through the tasks applying our considerable "skills to tasks that typify management in the local government environment".

Yes, I am that seriousWhilst I am viewing this as you would an episode of The Office which is to say without much seriousness, without applying any credibility to the task content and certainly without viewing it as a matter that affects my future in anyway I am totally committed to our team.
It'll be a giggle, put up some stressful moments for us all and will be something that we'll all look back on with, I hope, a level of fondness. All despite the seriousness that I suspect the organisers and some at my work place think should be placed upon it.

In a nutshell this is Dungeons & Dragons for Middle Managers. Oy vey, my life.

I'll let you know what it was like.

For now I must be off to bed early to prepare my decision making, team participating, silly task processing part of my brain.

Oh, and there is a bonus:
The best performed team in each State and New Zealand will contest the Australasian final.
This year, the finals venue is Perth. A-ha, not so "... but that is just a design construct" focussed now are we? Not so scathing about it all after all. Hell, this is a free trip to Perth. For someone.


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