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With Google's impending entrance into the online calendar space I am very interested to see where the bar is currently set and the two I use at the moment are:
What I need from an online calendar:
  • Total ease entering info
  • Sharing of calendars - with private if needed
  • Overlaying of calendars (others, public holidays and maybe even things like events)
  • Import/export - or even better synchronisation
And to be fair, they both do these quite well. 30 Boxes is definitely the one with the newer, "Web 2.0" feel about it and therefore has a quicker more intuitive response but hey, old dogs can learn new tricks.

I couldn't find how to share the Yahoo! Calendar and the 30 Boxes one ... in fact, I didn't find the 'import/export' option on 30 Boxes so maybe that's a minus - who's gonna type in all their birthday reminders again! Oh, hang on, their Announcement Forum has pointed me to their experimental' import page - will give it a go in a mo'. It didn't work.

What I do like about 30 Boxes is the ability to add "Web Stuff" - so it now picks up my Flickr pictures and shows me a list on the day I uploaded them. It would work with:
  • Webshots
  • LiveJournal
  • MySpace
  • US Weather
  • AND ... RSS feeds
That's nice integration!

The Yahoo! Calendar is a solid, traditional calendar with ToDo list. It handles all the calendaring functionality you could think of very well. But it feels like having Outlook on-line in the sense that once something's in it then it's never coming out - it don't feed in/out very well except with other Yahoo! Calendars.

If you're never gonna want to share in/out then go with Yahoo! Calendar. They will probably have ideas to upgrading in the near future and the Google Calendar (CL2) will no doubt force some movement from them.
If, like me, you want all of this on-line malarkey to integrate then definitely check out 30 Boxes, I am.


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