Gotta love broken planes

Plane, car, horse ... crashThe universe gave me a free night outside of time and space on Friday. That meant I could drink and smoke cigars with no effect. That was the logic, that was the reasoning but that wasn't the reality :-(

On Thursday I was asked if I wanted to attend a few meetings in Wellington and, well, it is home and I knew I'd be able to squeeze in a lunchtime coffee with my mates at the very least.

The early flight out from Christchurch with Tony and Steve was stunning with the sun giving everything, from the plane to the ocean, an orange colouring - I truly wished I had my camera with me.

And the day turned out pretty much as I thought. Meetings morning and afternoon with an hour or so catching up with Adam, Neil, Johnny and Just for lunch at The Occidental.

5pm flight and the three of us from CCC turned up at the airport and the plane was broken ... or whatever the technical Air NZ term is that they used, "Engineering problems". I instantly made the call that I could stay in Wellington and catch-up with my mates. A phone call to Liz and a hesitant acceptance, another to Adam and Just to find somewhere to crash and back into the taxi I was heading to Hotel Bristol. The last I heard from Tony and Steve was the earliest flight was 9:30pm but that had to be checked ... ick!

And so the night was spent watching the Crusaders, having a blast with my mates, drinking far FAR too much, moving onto Imbibe and carrying on the drinking before the cigar smoking (not that one) got the better of me. A visit to Burger King with Just and Sean and crash out.

Thank golly I called the cab before that as I was awoken a mere 5 minutes after putting head on pillow (or so it seemed) by Just shouting, "Mike! The cabs here!" 1 minute later I'm back into the work suit and in the cab.

The flight back was smooooooth as. Considering the horrendous winds the previous evening it was a dream. In fact, it may have been a dream as I slept most of it.

And back into the Redwood/Riversdale commune by 8am to see the "Happy Birthday" banner and cards. It was awesome but didn't have long to contemplate life as I had arranged to meet Chicks and her 2 boys from Wellington for 10:30am brunch. In fact, I flew down with them on the same 6:50am flight, hee hee. So, shower and back out. Mighty!

The rest of the weekend was quiet, hungover but operational and today is cool as!

So, if you want something, put it out into the universe and it might break a plane for you as well


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