The Commonwealth Games ... anyone care?

I heard on the radio this morning some guys talking about how NZ weren't doing as well as some had hoped (sorry, can't give exact details of the interview as I was in the shower at the time and it was a bit muffled) and it crossed my mind that there hasn't been a lot of talk about the Commonwealth Games.

And as I was drying myself up and down there was the Scottish Chef de Mission (why the French title for the "Commonwealth" Games?) crowing about how well they were doing. It was annoying but he was so right - they were a happy team with a view to winning gold as opposed to the Kiwi's that were a bunch of sports people that viewed getting there as the point.

And I'm not referrign to talk on TV, of which there has been quite a vast amount of time spent on it. Well, if one spends (as TV One probably have) a vast amount of money then you'd want to get something back in the manner of words-per-item. They obviously didn't spend any money on their presenters beige/World War II-looking uniforms ... was it at the end of a particularly successful liquid lunch when they signed off on that?

And there's been an appropriate amount of coverage in the other 'old media' outlets namely newspapers, radio and ... oh, er, that's it.

But on the Web, specifically the non-old-media driven web (NZ blogs), I've seen very little.

And more damningly it's just not been a conversation at work or home. Liz and I watch some when we have to, hence our two-old-people-on-the-couch conversation about the soddingly eye-hurtingly awful TV One presenter outfits (someone send over a bloody iron with instructions to John McBeth - ha ha ha, so bad that his profile page picture is a broken link).

Silver Ferns v Australia: Stern defence by Anna Scarlett Silver Ferns v Australia: Hello Vilimaina Davu! Silver Ferns v Australia: Jodi Te Huna secures the ball Silver Ferns v Australia: Irene van Dyk puts up a shot
As I've noted the NZ Sevens were a bit of a highlight but they sort of got swamped out by the weekends events. Sarah Ulmer has caught the attention for the wrong reasons and I am tracking the Silver Ferns as they attempt to get the one piece of silverware not in their cabinet.

But that's it.

No reasons why it shouldn't have caught the imagination. Just seems to have not.


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