We're off to Christchurch

The new office car?Yep, I finally handed in my resignation at my current work and, after a month, will be down amongst the one-eyed working in Knowledge Management as I help improve the lives of Christchurch City ratepayers.

When I say "finally" I don't mean to imply that I've finally managed to get out of here after years of trying, not at all. I have had a cracking time working with some extremely cool people.

The processes, focus and plan haven't always been the best and that has got to me.
I've also grown towards different stuff ... and still am.

No, when I say "finally" I mean to say finally after over a month of some quite slow and turgid processes to get the offer of a contract. I had the interview some time in the distant passed here in Wellington gaining a verbal "offer" (I was the 'preferred candidate' was the actual terminology) after a day or so.

And then I've waited.

Every week or so I've been in touch with the agency asking what's happening.
Every week I moved an inch closer to an actual contract.

After reference checks (twice!! - that was confusing for my referees) and those psychometric tests I have finally had the contract/offer emailed. And, after a thorough check, I'm happy with it.

So, I wrote the resignation letter ... well, does this actually constitute a letter or just a note:

Friday, 22 July 2005

Dear [boss],
Please accept this as notice of my resignation from the role of Business Analyst, ITS effective Friday 19th August 2005.

(Mike Riversdale)

Luckily I have been honest with my boss and he wasn't that surprised. He doesn't know the details (ie, where and for whom) but he will before you all read this.

So. Wellington. We're outta here. For a while at least.

Be gone by mid-August.


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