Week 24, it's starting to get very real for me

I love you MegAfter feeling my growing daughter (oooh, weird feeling in my tummy when I wrote that) kick in her Mum's 'tummy' I am seriously starting to get thrilled about her impending appearance.

Also, suddenly 30 weeks isn't that far away ... 30 weeks, that gives me 10 left ... and then it's into single digit figures.

! .. !!

With all the changes that we've been through recently it's been quite tough to concentrate on the growing girl. I'm most certainly not as 'attentive' as I was when Jack was cooking. Back then it was a daily and sometimes minute-by-minute expansion of the mind. It was also a walk into the dark ... I had no (NO!) idea what was going to happen.

This time, as I've mentioned before, I'm a lot more relaxed about the whole thing.
No ... actually, I'm not. I just haven't thought about it enough to truly get scared but now I am starting to.

Being scared is a whole part of becoming a parent. It's scary that this large baby is gonna have to come out ... come out of my wife, and believe me, they're all large when you think of it from a mum's point of view.

It's also scary for a gazillion and one other reasons ... will I love Meg as much as I love Jack, will I be as excited as I was for Jack, how will we know her differences (from Jack, from me, from 'normal') and how will we cope with them (every kid has something) ... will she be too perfect?

When I stop (as I just did) and stare at the wall and think of just her my overwhelming thought is of how proud I am that she chose Liz and I ... I so can't wait to meet her and say thanks.

When you get to read this Meg, I hope you understand that life has been very busy around you but despite the seemingly lack of attention I am already head over heels in love with you, your brother knows you're coming and that your Mum is doing the best for you as well as loving you heaps and heaps (did you feel when you were inside?).

I love you Meg.

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