Diary of a resigned person (11 days to go)

I'm outta hereWell, it's not gonna happen for quite a while (probably) so I thought I'd drop a line per day(ish) about me leaving a place of work.

Today was the first real day that everyone knew and were 'free' to come and have a chat with me about it. There's been the general chit-chat from those closest to me about when am I going, when's the leaving do (Sat 20th - come along) and how/when we'll be arriving in Christchurch.

Interstingly people seem only a little interested about the new position and where it is I'll be working. Maybe that'll become more prevalent as time goes on ... or maybe people don't care. I must remember that my life, despite the blog, isn't the centre of everyone's universe :-)

Also, the word is travelling out amongst the business users (my "clients" if you will) so it'll be intersting to see what the reaction will be. I'll be dissapointed with anything less than gnashing of teeth and general wailing about how they'll never survive without me.

I've also filled in my 'exit questionnaire' from HR which was my chance to pass on to everyone exactly how felt about working here. Whilst I could have let rip I didn't. I was very reasoned in my answers and let them know that they couldn't arrange a piss-up in a brewery if someone took the tops of the bottles for them ... well, something like that but using business words.

Except for "my" team.
I will miss the AppTech team as I generally believe they're the hardest working of teams, the most foccused on real results and deliver what they promise. Maybe other parts of ITS do as well but, well, I think we do it more consistenly and with higher quality.

And that's it. I'm going, people are generally interested but not shocked.
The countdown to Friday 12th (final day) begins:
11 days to go!

(don't work Thursdays - that'll change in the new place, bummer)


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