Tourists and their cameras

In the past when someone is taking a photo of something (such as the Beehive) I try and wait until the click before walking past them. Nothing more annoying than getting everything all set-up to have the photo end up of a blurred office worker.

But I am now gonna take a completely opposite tact.

I will, if people are in my path, walk on by. They can deal with the potential crap photo.

Why the change of heart from 'The Last of the Nice Guys' to 'Selfish Bastard'?
No, you can't blame Don Brash and his "what about me" society ... yet.

Two reasons:

  1. A lot of these people taking the photos haven't got the sense to stand on the near-side of the pavement.
    I suspect they're trying to get as much distance between themselves and the subject in question. Have they not learned to use the zoom/de-zoom function!?!
  2. Digital photography.
    Delete the picture of me and do it again. Or even better, take another another another and then choose the one you want to keep.

The added benefits are that it might result in some sort of arty picture AND the world will end up with more pictures of Mike.

Now that can't be a problem can it?


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