My Election 2005 pledge to you

So you know where you'll be going[hand on heart ... ow, my chest doesn't 'alf hurt today, must go to the doctors]

I, Miramar Mike, pledge to you, my highly intelligent and very attractive loyal readers, that there will be no Election postings on this blog.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Updates/links/views on the canditates in any electoral area
  2. Updates/links/views on the parties election manifestos
  3. Updates/links/views to the latest election scandal (whatever form it may take)
  4. Updates/links/views to any political party
  5. Updates/links/views to results "as they come in"

I will also not leave any comments about the election on any other blog.

I reserve the right to break this promise in true political fashion if something truly momentous occurs ... Don Brash declares himself tto be he next Messiah, Helen Clark pashes Charlotte Dawson live on TV or Winston Peters turns out to be a right-wing whitey from Christhurch wearing a mask.

If you are after political blogs may I respectfully suggest you try the following (this is not an endorsement of the sites, merely a set of links):

My only election comment is:
Vote, don't whinge about the result and don't stress as they're all basically the same


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