London bombers 'were all British'

Tough to hear that the London bombers 'were all British'.

I can hear the cry from the nasty (male) whiteys already, "See, they're not really British. Send them back to [fill in nasty place, probably Iraq]!" I hope this isn't the majority voice, I'm sure it won't be.

Will be bloody tough for the British Muslims who are equally shocked and horrified by this information. They may have so much more to deal with alongside the general, "I might be blown up by an idiot" worry with the, "I might be attacked as being responsible by idiots".
(nice page about the reaction at the BBC)

Sir Iqbal Sacranie of the Muslim Council of Britain said ... "It appears our youth have been involved in last week's horrific bombings against innocent people.

"While the police investigation continues we reiterate our absolute commitment and resolve to helping the police bring to justice all involved in this crime of mass murder. Nothing in Islam can ever justify the evil actions of the bombers."

Good to hear the Assistant Police Commissioner, Andy Hayman talking directly to this:

... assistant commissioner Andy Hayman, said: "I want to conclude by making it absolutely clear that no-one should be in any doubt the work last Thursday is that of extremists and criminals.

"No-one should smear or stigmatise any community with these acts."

For the latest on the bombings from the BBC and the search for missing people

Also this site is pretty cool, We're Not Afraid


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