Resigned but not alone (10 days to go)

Me, Pete and Adam
It's funny (funny peculiar not funny ha ha) how life is attracted to threes. Three buses when you've been waiting for ages (33mins). Three pieces of bad luck one straight after the other. Three, um, three amigos .. well, you get my drift.

And there are three people who've got a new job ion my circle of friend: myself, Adam and Pete.

Adam, in fact is doing exactly the same as I - finishing on 19th but taking a weeks holiday and therefore his last real day is 12th. Always a good idea to have some time off between engagements I say.

I caught up with Adam today and it seems we're both going through very similar feelings:
  • Glad the "when will I tell them" is all over
  • Weight off the shoulders now it's all done
  • It's not close enough to get truly excited about but I'm sure it'll come
  • Work seems to be something to be watched as it happens around you
Another interesting discovery is that people work around me now. By that I mean that once I say, "Oh, and just so you know I won't be here from 12th onwards" people then act as if that's tomorrow. They don't expect you'll be involved in projects, respond to meeting invites or they start talking very fast and try get as much out of you as possible.


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