It's Friday ...

... and nothing really going down in the world of MiramarMike.

Well there is but I can't tell you just yet ... oooh, secrets.

We've had the nieces up from Christchurch for the week (ages 12, 14 and 16) which has been a lot of fun. Jack has had a blast, so much so that he's knackered himself out and caught the flu which has passed on to Liz - green snot galore. I seem to be OK ... I know you're concerned.

The mornings have been bloody (BLOODY!) early though - 4am for Mon-Wed! Jack had '12' and '14' sleeping in his room and for some reason he would wake himself up at 4AM to play. It was bloody dark so why he thought he could get up and play is beyond me.

I would get him out of his cot and he'd come into bed with Liz & I where he'd fall fast asleep again. But when he wanted to turn over there was always something to fight, me, Liz, the blanket, a pillow ... always something, He'd cry, we'd wake up, move him and he'd instantly fall back into deep deep sleep. We'd have another 30mins of trying to get into some sort of slumber.

He'd do this every 35mins!


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