I love libraries (and a recommendation for another good read)

As we know they're my favourite place to hide away and they are normally full of such awesome people.

Once such person is Frances at Miramar Library. She works there and, to be fair, isn't really Jack's favourite person for the reading as she doesn't sing or play the guitar ... there can be only one Tom!

But, she reinvigorated my view that book finding is about people and not just books.

When, a few weeks ago, I stumbled around humming and har'ing what book to take home whilst trying to ensure Jack didn't run out into the street and cause merriment on the roundabout she approached me and asked what type of book I was looking for.

"Oh, I dunno - something good?" Clear, concise and easy to interpret instrucitons eh?

"How about [American crime book], it's very good and I loved it?"

"Nah, it's about America and probably full of Americans" - sorry, but I get enough of that filtering into my system by just turning on the TV or radio.

"OK - then this is very good. Friends of mine rave about his work. It's set in the UK; it's funny, modern but with an edge".

I hummed and har'ed a few more times, looked at the cover because that's how a good read can be defined, obviously! Jack started to moan and walk towards the door.

"OK, thanks, I'll give it a go".

And it was brilliant. Just put it finished it last week and loved every minute. And I now have a whole new author's catalogue to catch up on.

This isn't really about the book (Be My Enemy by Christopher Brookmyre - read it and enjoy) but about how Frances was able to take very minimal clues and guide me towards suitable matches. No computer, website or aimless wandering could have lead me to the same conclusion so quickly.

Thanks Frances and all fellow librarians, you're totally cool.


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