Remember the lady I passed in the street?

You recall I told you how we smiled and said, "Hello" as we passed but I couldn't remember anything about her. Well, I stopped her and had a chat today.

I was correct, we did know each other from our days in the Dept of Corrections up on The Terrace. She worked for another part of the department called CorrLand (as was).

She remembered me: my name, where I worked and even what I was working on.
I struggled to recall that I knew of her, embarrassing eh! Luckily I'm the sort of person just to admit it and find out, no point being all coy about these things is there.

We had a wee chat, caught up in 5 mins and then off she went to one of her many charitable ventures. What a cracking person.

Glad I stopped her to have a natter.


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