Week 23, I feel kicking babies

This is NOT MegI got to feel Meg kicking for the first time last night - very cool, very cool indeed.
Liz is reporting that she's put on some seriously large kicks in the past week - we may have to invest in some soccer boots for the birth :-)

And, unfortunately, that's about it really.

The picture
, by the way, is of a baby at 6 months - of course it's not actuallly Meg but we all get the idea of how complete she is. From now on it's a bit of tidying around the edges and bulking up. Pretty amazing eh!

I'm sure we've been to the mid-wife recently (in the past few weeks at least) but as nothing really happens there's not a lot to report back. Jack and I play around with the toys whilst Liz fills in forms and chats to the mid-wife.

Jack does like watching Mum as she gets the heartbeat microphone thingy applied. But that's probably the highlight for him.

Oh, and if you're feeling generous then don't hesitate to peruse this.

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