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There is so much in this that screams WELLINGTON! Find the 10 "This has to be Wellington" items, and list them below to be in to win ...

Anzac Cove and Mullet Man - summed up perfectly

Mr Brown at Hard News and llew at SunnyO state it perfectly- and "Yo mama!" to the politicians trying to get down and hip with the 'kids' in election year.

I truly believe that a huuuge percentage of 'kids' - a word, when used by politicians and 'do-gooders', for ever summed up in the awesome Not The Nine O'Clock News - which was given to me as a very early birthday pressie by an awesome mate last night, cheers Adam, but I digress - a huge percentage don't give a flying shag (hubba-bubba) about politicians, politics and the lives they lead.
The "it just doesn't affect me" attitude which I hold to as well - reading something like The Short History of Nearly Everything certainly puts it all into a much large context. But then, there are times when I think I should 'make a difference' and 'take interest' - but they're few and far between when it comes to politics - will I vote this year, ach, we'll see on the day.

Oh, and I'm still looking for a place in the Coromandel over Christmas/New Year.