Anzac Cove and Mullet Man - summed up perfectly

Mr Brown at Hard News and llew at SunnyO state it perfectly- and "Yo mama!" to the politicians trying to get down and hip with the 'kids' in election year.

I truly believe that a huuuge percentage of 'kids' - a word, when used by politicians and 'do-gooders', for ever summed up in the awesome Not The Nine O'Clock News - which was given to me as a very early birthday pressie by an awesome mate last night, cheers Adam, but I digress - a huge percentage don't give a flying shag (hubba-bubba) about politicians, politics and the lives they lead.
The "it just doesn't affect me" attitude which I hold to as well - reading something like The Short History of Nearly Everything certainly puts it all into a much large context. But then, there are times when I think I should 'make a difference' and 'take interest' - but they're few and far between when it comes to politics - will I vote this year, ach, we'll see on the day.

Oh, and I'm still looking for a place in the Coromandel over Christmas/New Year.


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