Virtual Super 12 - join Tom's competition

Virtual Super 12 time and you too can earn $$$$'s (probably) by getting onto Tom Kelly's competition - here's the spiel he sent around:

Same rules as always – predict the winning team and margin for the Super 12 matches each week and you could be in the money.

To confirm you entry in this years comp you will need to email me your Player Name by 25th Feb, PLUS, cough up NZ$20 to go into the prize pool – to be paid to me – and I’ll keep it safe in my mortgage account.

Prizes money will be paid at the end of Virtual Super 12 as follows:

1st – 1/2 total prize pool

2nd – 1/3 total prize pool

3rd – 1/6 total prize pool

So, if you’re in – get registered and make your picks for round 1 and email me your Player Name. I will send around a full list of all players in the comp and you can then add their names to the Your Mates section of the Virtual Super12 site to keep track of your ranking and bragging rights.

Tom Kelly - Battlers XV - remove the 'NO' and 'SPAM'

Payment to Tom - email him and he'll let you know the methods.

I can't remember the prize money last time but I do recall it was a handsome sum and well worth the non-effort of clicking a few teams each week.


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