Wellington gets on down

Apart from the shake this morning ... woke me up .... there's a whole lot of free love going down in Wellers this and next week:

Chinese New Year Fireworks
On the harbour at 10pm, I read that this is gonna be HUGE - something like 10 times the explosive power of the Bonfire Night harbour "ooh and ahh" feast. Gonna try and be there for sure as we've got a Jack-sitter for the night, yaaay.

One Love
Free concert at the Velodrome in Hataitai this Sunday (Waitangi Day), 12pm-6pm, in celebration of Bob Marley's birthday.
(same day the yachts leave as well)

Thursday 10th (9pm) you can pop along to the free film showing at The Dell, behind the Rose Garden buildings.

And, we've still got a month of free events with the Meridian Energy Summer City Festival .... god, I somehow hate having to put company/product names into the title of festivals - makes it very tacky for some reason.

Ooh, Busking Festival - let's see if we can nick this off Christchurch like we did the Wearable Arts from Nelson :-)


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