Where women are real men

Another from Hard News link which I thought was too interesting to leave as a link-within-a-link: The New Zealand Herald: Where women are real men

I am fascinated by the Kiwi 'culture' as I believe it's like nothing else in the world and most certainly as far away from Australian culture [insert oxymoron giggle] as Wales is from England. As an 'outsider' (Welsh/English) I sort of sort of get the "Kiwi" way of looking at life but there's always something that trips me up. I also really dig the way that "what it means to be a Kiwi/New Zealander" is something that is fairly close to the top of people's minds - this is very different to the UK where such things are 'set in stone'.

Young country's (NZ is the youngest English speaking in the world) are such fun.

Mind you, I do get frustrated by the comparisons with other successful endeavours (ie, Lord of the Rings is as good as ... - no, it's just good). Also the judging against what others think of NZ - first thing a celebrity visitor to NZ normally gets asked is, "Do you like it?" - who cares if they do or don't.


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