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Google vs the new Microsoft search engines

So, it's released is it - a simple test - search for "miramar mike":
And the result - Google by a country mile (heck, I'm top of the list) ... ah, but maybe that wasn't a fair test as Google owns Blogger.

So, let's try something else - search for "one love concert":
Ooh, MSN search is more relevant to me (ie, the concert on Sunday has come up on top) - virtually the same results on the 1st page though, different order.

Ok, one more - "derek boyle":
Basically completely different results and none for my Dad - which would have been surprising but ya never know. BUT, Google also found 777 results on MY PC (including a link to last few emails sent/received) by being fully integrated with its Desktop Search ... try that with any other search engine!

BTW: XtraMSN is the NZ incarnation of MSN - teamed up with Xtra ISP from NZ's largest phone company, Telecom