A quiet evening just me and my blog

Yep, Liz is out on her final training evening at the Playcentre which I must say it sounds more and more like a very cool organisation - love the fact it's community run.

We do have the landlord around fixing a dripping tap ... AND, he discovered that the fishbowl has let out water (somehow!) and split the wood on the kitchen shelves which is bloody annoying as it was fine yersterday morning when I fed the blighter ... the fish ... not the landlord.
If the fish is draining away then it'll be a full honours sea burial for him - thank goodness Jack isn't too attached.

Apart from that I'm gonna have another splurge re: blogging.

Comments eh!
What's with the comments and how annoying are they?
I now have a straight 50/50 split between posting stuff and leaving/reading comments ... which could mean I fall into the trap of not putting up enough content to attract attractive and intelligent readers such as yourself ... eek! I s'pose the reason why comments have become more important for me is pretty obvious - I like 'being in touch with my fellow human beings' which is why we all (in different ways) have blogs in the first place.

But, comments are starting to piss me off ... not the ones that people leave on this site which I love and treasure and read and re-read (truly). No, it's the ones I leave at other people's blogs. And 'other peoples blogs' is a finite list now that I've worked out there's only so many hours in a day and other things like eating, drinking, conversing with real people and doing a modicum of work can use up some my blogging time.

These articulate and usually side-splittingly funny comments I casually drop into people's blogs in reply to previous postings or just to say, "Cool article" have become little mind-bombs for me. Why? Because I can't remember where the bloody hell I've left them! Some of them have questions (such as " ... so, what do you think of that then?", "... let me see you get out of that line of discussion" or, ".. hands up who agrees with me!") and I know that someone somewhere (probably ... possibly) has answered it. But can I find them once I've left clicked the Back button a few times ... no!

As I said, it's not that I have hundreds or even tens of blogs that I studiously visit every day (you can tell the ones I do, they're in bold on my blogroll to the right). But, even if I can recall the blog site I then have to remember the exact article and some of you are avid posters leaving no hope for me - what's a boy to do?
BTW: I assume that the people that read my articles are the same few that I visit and read - if you're a stranger to me, don't be scared, leave me a comment and I promise to read and re-read it and treasure your thoughts as I do all my select band of commenters.

So, the comments are gone! Unless ... unlesss ... I open all the latest comments pop-ups, drop-downs, re-directs and all manner of access ways. And, sometimes I do. When I'm slacking off or, to be more honest, letting the brain think things over without me trying to force it (sometimes letting the solution come to you works); anywho, in these times I pop along to my faves and see what's been happening. And I am usually stunned by the little conversations that have been happening 'around me'. It's like being in a gang and accidently finding out that Friend A has been having a grand time with Friend B without you.
Ooh, then I may feel a little jealous, a little 'left out' ... unless it's a conversation I don't get or one I don't really care about. And then it's fine, Friend A may continue playing with Friend B - there, aren't I a magnanimous blogger :-)

And that brings me neatly back to - blogging, it's all about being in touch with your fellow human beings. But blogging isn't as real, it isn't as deep, it isn't, isn't ... as true as being there.
I think life isn't just communicating and letting the intellectual side connect (which is where I believe most of us bloggers get to and stop) but it's letting the emotional sides connect. And that's where the truly successful blogs succeed and here I'm thinking bizgirl in particular but there are a few others. They connect not just intellectually but with something inside ... we get it. For instance we feel for Natalie when she lost her job, we want her to do well, we smile that she's off to Texas ... possible even more so if/when you know it's not as real as it could be (hell I struggled over that line ... felt like I was telling Jack that Father Christmas doesn't exist ... they both do!)

Maybe that's phase 7 - moving from intellectual blogs to ones with an emotional side as well.
And that's where a blog may wither and die as the blogger makes more real friends and these new friends demand other, more 'real' communication methods (hell, even meeting up) the time for eating, drinking, doing a modicum of work and conversing with these real people leaves less and less for to post on your blog.

Maybe ... maybe I'm only talking about my own blogging experience.

Ano now, off to hunt down those ellusive comments - anyone got a tool to help me here?


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