Is this the new "What's On In Wellington"?

As some of you may be aware I set-up and ran the initial version "What's On In Wellington" website after trying desperately to keep a tab on all the events I, as a single and childless person, may want to go to.
This site has since morphed into a different beast which sadly I rarely visit - but I can appreciate the effort it takes to keep these things up to date (just ask Liz, I would disappear into the room for 4-5hours ever Sunday to update the bloody thing).

Now-a-days there's not much to choose between the 'official' sites at Feeling Great (thank golly they had a usability overhaul) and the Wellington tourism site and the WotzOn.
These sites are great when I want to know when the big events that are on but not that good for the small and quirky. And, I dunno, they just don't do it for me from a, "Tell me what to go to" - I have to find stuff as opposed to it being presented. Lazy perhaps.

And now we have the Wellingtonist
Will this fill the "What's On In Wellington" hole? Whilst it's starting small but, again, it takes a stuff load of energy to keep these type of sites up to date and relevant and that's without having to keep up 2 other blogs :-) . I wish James luck with it and, an open invitation to call on my services if you want to extend at any time.

Oh - and for the parents with kids ("of all ages"!?!); there's a free literary thang at St James Theatre (BTW: a notably slow site) in June - 10th I think. I know, but we parents have to plan by the minute AND by the year. Anywho, it's 11am-3pm and involves free readings, meet the writers of NZ kids books etc. etc.


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