Miramar - where/who is it?

And why does this blog attract so many 'Latino' visitors, or does it just look like it?
Time to search (using Yahoo! and XtraMSN - for me Google doesn't connect at work) for Miramar and find out what it means to the world ...

As I've noted before there's quite a few "Miramar"s in the world:

And then I did a search using Wikipedia (why oh why didn't I do this first?). And now I know why so many Spanish visitors fall into this blog:

Miramar, loosely translated from Spanish, means "sea-view".

Which begs the question, is this where the name for Miramar (Wellington) came from? And here's the answer, from the Wellington City Libary:

Miramar means "Behold the sea" or "Wonderful Sea" and was named by the first settler on Watt's peninsula area, resident James Coutts Crawford, who arrived in Wellington in 1840. In 1872 he changed the name of Watt's Pennisula to Miramar.
Miramar was the name of a house built for him by his brother-in-law, Major McBarnett. The original Maori name of the area was Whataitai. On 18 November 1904, the Miramar Borough was formed.

The next set of the links below came from Yahoo!/XtraMsn results before I did the Wikipedia search - in no particular order, the Miramar related (ie, got Miramar in their name somewhere) organisations, people are:

Corporations (of the 'large' type):

Companys, places and people - smaller companies, societies etc:

There's quite a few hotels/restaurants as well - which now makes sense, "sea-view" and all that:

And finally there's even a Miramar font ... bizarre but sort of cool for all us Miramarians out there.

After all that, a specific Kia Ora to all non-Wellingtonians and please, leave a comment as to how you to stumbled here


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