April 22nd, 2005 ... crickey

Marie Desple ... OK, I'm drunk and I opened the letter

All I can say ... it's as good as "P.R. Nelchael", if not better ... but I don't trust my drunk little fingers to type it in properly, so here's the opening line (I promise, I will give you the rest of this amazing 'letter' later) ... mostly introduction 'guff' until ... my name!
My dear Mike,
Among all the letters I have had the occasion to send during my life as a medium, this one has touched me the most.

I have the immense pride and great privilege of announcing to you that you are going to experience an historic situation and a unique event. On April 22, 2005, you will not only witness one of the best-known miracles in the world, but you will also be the beneficiary of it. Yes, the beneficiary of an enormous kitty just shy of $490,000

Do you know ... I feel sort of honored that I've had this sent to me ... AND it involves Peru a lot, who knows why - I will read more tomorrow, maybe I should have read earlier

[Updated 7-March-2005]
The letter is now here


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