Round The Bays Run/Walk 2005

Yep, I took part in this morning's fun run/walk (I had a "fun walk" myself) around the bays from Frank Kitts Park to Kilbirnie Park. Many thanks to Richard at the Minstry of Health for arranging it for a whole bunch of us.

It was OK - I wasn't really awake or in a particularly chatty mood so to all those that braved a, "Good morning Mike" I apologise and hope you had a grand old time.

The queue for the 4 (read it again, FOUR) portaloos ... oh well, it was sunny and there wasn't much else to do except jump up and down to the instructions of the warm-up dudes ... crickey, it was only a walk around the bays!

And we're off. I heard 10,000 particpants but no real idea at the time as my head was stuck listening to Kiwi FM having just discovered it in my random knob-twiddling efforts to get some music for the walk. I did, however, turn back to National Radio for the final leg of the walk and learned all about the NZ Forestry industry - cool.

Into the northerly along Oriental Parade and the man-extended beach

More of people having their Oriental Parade constitutional

Bums ... you do get to see a lot of bums

The stream of people

Nearing the finish as the Zephyrometer comes into site - straight up as well, always a good sign

Those last few steps and, about an hour and a quarter later, I'm nearly home - just another 30 mins to walk back to Miramar and a susage sarnie

No no, "Thank you" - and that was that.
It was a bit of a shambles at the end (although I did appreciate the free, warm Just Juice and banana) - no-one took my 'you have finished' tag off my number so it probably means the don't know I even turned up.


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