Spammers Use Striptease to Crack CAPTCHAs

Not really humour but wow, aren't spammers hooked into what really makes (sonme) people tick: Read/Write Web, Spammers Use Striptease to Crack CAPTCHAs

And this just in the from the Quite Interesting (QI) news desk:
Shellfish old bugger

A clam found near Iceland has been hailed as the longest-lived animal ever found. The ocean quahog clam, aged between 405 and 410 years, has trumped the previous oldest clam by 31 years.

The clam was nicknamed "Ming", after the Chinese dynasty in power when it was born - and not the aging ex-Liberal Democrat leader.

Meanwhile, a 116-year-old orange from the lunchbox of a miner killed on the day he intended to eat it, has gone on display in the Potteries Museum in Stoke.

The orange, that was handed back to the miner's family after the accident, is now completely black and the pips can be heard to rattle when it is shaken.


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