Miramar in the news - prisoner escapes and one of the rusting boats to go

Stuff.co.nz: Wife-murderer on the run[Update] Convicted murderer back in custody

It's weird knowing that there's a convicted axe murderer running around after being told on the bus home that John Frederick Ericson had escaped from the prison here in Miramar yesterday morning. I trust he's managed to escape from Miramar Peninsular (as the police believe) and is far far from here OR he's holed up in a darkened room with no chance of coming out without being nabbed.

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Actually, Duncan and I had been to a team BBQ yesterday afternoon and decided to catch the #24 home. The #24 bus is labelled Miramar North and picked us up outside Freyberg Swiming Pool, goes around Oriental Parade, Evans Parade through the Miramar Cutting and takes a sharp left up Mapuia and around ... the prison. We only heard the news on the bus and, having had a few wines/beers, were in silly lads mode. After the driver informed us that we were the first bus to be allowed up we decided this was an exclusive "Prison Safari", to keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and to watch out for some of the rarest prisoners in Wellington.

Silly sods.

But when I got home I made sure he house was locked up, there was nothing left around in the garden (for some reason being tidy = being safe) and the kids doors were left open so that we could hear and respond to any axe wielding cons that that broke in.

Flickr: The Venture ready for King Kong filmingIn further Miramar news it seems one more of those crappy old ships is about to be sunk, yaay! And this time it's the time to get rid of a little bit of movie history, yep "The Venture" is off on its final voyage. Unfortunately there's not a lot of details and no-one seems to know when! The sooner the better ...

Oh, and for those that are wondering, still no news on the possible renovations of the old cinema on Park Road in our shopping centre. I suspect that when we hear that Peter Jackson and co. have the go ahead to make The Hobbit we'll also see some movement on this project. Why? Because I believe that it'll be fully decked out as a cinema filled to the gunnel's with LOTR/Hobbit stuff and become one of Wellington's top tourist thingy's ... and it will be one cool cinema for us locals to watch movies in!


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