You're invited to a lunchtime picnic on the waterfront TODAY

[Updated 11:25am] Darn this fickle Wellington weather - it's now cloudy and a southerly is dropping the temperature as I write! I'll be there but not eating as I have NO jacket and a thin shirt - I can tell I am gonna suffer on the way home.

It was February when I last mooted a lunch time picnic by the waterfront ... time for another I think.

The harbour is stunning, the wind has abated and the sun is gorgeous - what better time to meet up with our packed sandwiches, bought panini and cardboard coffee cups down by the harbour.

See you somewhere on the wee waterfront wall along from Len Lye Whirlygig thingy waterfront side of Frank Kitts Park - 12pm

I'll be the one smiling at life.


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