Wellingtonista Awards Voting AND Gala details

The voting is open - cast your votes now (closes 4th December)

The Gala details:
  • When: Thursday 6th December (6pm+)
  • Where: Mighty Mighty, 104 Cuba Mall (ZoomIn map)
  • Cost: $15 entry + donation to Downtown Community Ministry
  • Why: Blam Blam Blam (?), awards, prizes, celebs, being on the radio AND MORE - see below ...
To make sure you can join us, please email the.wellingtonista@gmail.com

I now copy the press release for your full and fine attention:
The Wellingtonista and Public Address, in association with Freeview and Ponoko proudly present


It's a quiz show! It's awards for the best bits of our fair city! It's BLAM BLAM BLAM!

Mighty Mighty, Thursday 6 December. Doors open at 6pm. $15 and donation to Downtown Community Ministry encouraged.

First up the clever people of Public Address Radio and the Down Low Concept will bring you It Doesn't Give My Opponents Much Time Either, a quiz show in which various celebrity contestants party like Muldoon is still Prime Minister and Russell Brown asks the tricky retro questions.

Then, for the second year in the row, the Wellingtonista will tell you who you've voted for as the best of Wellington. Voting is open at The Wellingtonista until December 4. What's the best drink in town, who's the hottest hospitality worker who'll serve you that drink, and where will you eat away the hangover the next morning? Who will win the sexyass trophies Dan Emery designed and Ponoko made?

You decide, and when you cast your vote and attend the awards, you'll go into the draw to win some choice prizes from Wanda Harland, Super Very and more. In exchange, the Wellingtonista hope that you will make a donation to the Downtown Community Mission, for the following reasons:

  • We love this city, right? And so therefore, it is important that we actually do good things for it, as well as talking about it all the time.
  • We eat and drink to excess, and it's awesome that we celebrate that, but it might be nice if we think about the people who have difficulty eating, or who have problems with drinking.
  • Blanket Man was voted Wellingtonian of the year last year at the Wellingtonista Awards. How about we give some attention to the not-so-visible homeless people?

But the good times don't stop there, because we also happen to have lined up one of the greatest New Zealand bands of all time to bring their special kind of magic to the event. Don't fight it, Marsha, because it's bigger than the both of us. That's right - we're pants-wettingly excited to announce that Blam Blam Blam will be playing after the awards.

And if all that gets to be a bit too much for you, your attendance gives you the chance to win one of two Freeview decoders (with satellite install if required , so in the future you'll be able to just stay at home with crystal-clear television reception. Hurray!

To make sure you can join us, please make sure that you email the.wellingtonista@gmail.com before the event with your name, and also get there before 7.30pm, otherwise we can't guarantee you'll fit! But we would truly truly love to see you there, so even if you don't book, or you have to get there later, come along.

And if you really can't join us, don't go all emo: the party will be recorded for a special end-of-year edition of Public Address Radio, which will air on Radio Live.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors:


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